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   Monthly workshops & milongas in the
 Treasure Coast area with Richard Council
Richard Council began dancing tango in 2001 and has since taught and performed on stage and television throughout the United States and abroad.  In 2003 he and his partner Colette Hebert won the US IDO Championships. They were finalists in the Tango Salon category and semi-finalists in the Stage Performance category at the World Championships held in Buenos Aires in 2005.  In 2006 they performed in Tokyo at the Tango Libertad festival.  He has been an invited instructor at the Portland Tango festivals a number of times and performed with Hebert in the movie The Heart of Tango. 

    Richard continues to tour and give workshops around the country.  He is appreciated for his elegant style of tango and the clear and the precise methodology of his teaching. Richard continues to sharpen his skills as a dancer and teacher so that he might teach and enrich others in the art and passion of the Argentine Tango wherever he travels.

    Richard teaches private lessons and tango workshops followed by a milonga each month in Stuart and Titusville, Florida. The classes are very well structured and he teaches the leaders and followers parts before working with the paired off partners. Partners are certainly not required and rotating is done often for those willing to do so. Videotaping of the lesson review is permitted after the classes so bring your video cameras!

Click the play button on the video above to see Richard Council w/ Colette Hebert performing in Cleveland in 2008 and dancing to...

"Milongueando en El Cuarenta"


Richard Council visits the Treasure Coast of Florida the SECOND
 weekend of each month. Click the links below for full details on each event.

Privates, Workshop, & Milonga in Stuart on Friday

Privates, Workshop & Milonga del Panadero in Titusville on Saturday

Private lessons in Titusville on Sunday

*Private lessons available*
Contact Richard directly at (954) 263-7480 or email him at;  


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